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We have gone from campfires, to fireplaces, to cookstoves, to gas and electric stoves, to microwaves, and now we’re relearning the joys of older methods. However you choose to cook, these tools will help you do it just a little healthier, faster, or otherwise better for your family.

  • All American Sun Oven w/Dehydrating and Accesories Package



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  • All American Sun Oven – World’s Best Solar Oven


    Rust-proof, highly polished, mirror-like anodized aluminum reflectors
    Sets up in minutes.
    Lightweight with carry handle.


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  • Lodge L5P3 Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Muffin/Cornbread Pan


    Cornbread/muffin pan made of cast iron for slow, even heating
    Six 2.5-inch-wide by 1.5-inch-deep impressions
    Pre-seasoned with vegetable-oil formula and ready for immediate use


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  • Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe Cookbook, Red Batik


    Eco-friendly slow cooking. No plugs, no fuss: Slow cooks your food, unplugged, by retaining the heat from an initial simmer on the stove
    Stress free holidays. Perfect for the holidays when stove and counter space are at a premium. Many uses: keeps items cold or frozen, too!
    Buy One, Donate One. For every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in need in Africa. One Wonderbag per year saves 1.7 trees, 1000 liters of water, 1,248 hours not spent collecting firewood


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  • Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 8-Quart


    8-Quart Deep Camp Dutch Oven for campfire or fireplace cooking
    Seasoned cast iron ready to use
    Cast iron lid inverts for use as griddle

    $76.41 $67.90

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