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OMG! Not the Zombies!!! (SHTF) (Volume 1)


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“OMG! Not the Zombies!” is a full-on zombie story (no zombie stuffed animals here), but it isn’t filled with the usual guts and gore descriptions, making it appropriate for younger readers. The e-book is also enhanced to allow readers to learn read about real survival tools and skills, such as paracord and archery. Cody and his Scout friends get more than they bargain for when their hike in the Arizona desert leads them to a skeleton with a stone axe stuck in the skull. Naturally, they yank it out and take it home. Unfortunately for everyone, the Indians had a good reason for hiding that skeleton in a sealed-off cave. When the axe nicks Cody, the undead horror is unleashed on the world again. Of cours Cody isn’t the only one to become infected. As their town and their world slowly fall apart, the five teens make plans to escape to the old cliff houses with their families. So many others join them – National Guard, doctors, nurses, truck drivers, kids, cats, goats – that their little group swells into a village. New skills are learned, supplies are scavenged, and secrets are uncovered as they struggle to survive and save anyone who is still alive and not infected. Eventually, even their parents admit that they need to leave the safety of the cliff houses to find the CDC. They have the axe. They have the first victim. And they have someone who is immune. With those, the CDC might just have a fighting chance at saving humanity. If they can find the CDC, that is. And if they can convince them to listen to “a bunch of kids.” They are Venture Scouts. They will do more than just exist. They will rescue others. They will reclaim the land. They will make a difference.


Liz Long





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“Two Crazy Boys” Publishing

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