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Survival Strike Pen Knife

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Inside of the Survival Strike Pen is an incredibly sharp 2 1/2 inch serrated blade.

2 1/2 inches might not sound like a lot but it’s the perfect size to mortally wound a violent attacker while small enough to fit stealthily inside of a pocket or a purse.

Best of, all the the Survival Strike Pen is quite easy to use. To reveal the blade simply pull the end cap off of your pen and you’re now ready to defend yourself with this razor sharp blade.

I’m sure you’ll agree the Survival Strike Pen is a brilliant item to own for self defense it’s actually much more versatile than that. The sturdy steel blade and deep serrated teeth make it perfect for a variety of other daily/survival uses. In reality, anything you’d use as a regular pocket knife, you can use the Survival Strike Pen for. It’s for that reason I keep a few spares in my survival kit and glove box.

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